Gaming Monopoly cease with immediate effect

ECJ Advocate General came with the sensational decision that will have a great impact on the entire online gaming market.
 The decision was short:
EC law overrides national laws!
No exceptions are accepted, no transitional periods for the nations to follow the EC law is accepted.

The meaning of the sentence is huge

This means that the member nations in the EU must immediately stop using its own national laws on online gaming where it is in conflict with EU law.
  The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), were quick to comment:
The significance of this for online gaming operators is enormous. There are many European countries that violate EU law and supports state-owned gambling monopoly
The specific case that led to the decision involved Winner Wetten, a German online gaming company. They are acting under authorization from Tipico Co., which is established and legally licensed in Malta’s gaming law. Auditors found that Westphalia (part of Germany) Act was in conflict with EC-law on free trade.
The Advocate General added, “inconsistencies make it difficult to represent consumer interests“.

What happens to Svenska Spel?

How this will affect the Swedish gaming monopoly remains to be seen, but at Betsson they are probably cheering. As CasinoCocktail earlier reported they were forced to close its store in Stockholm just before Christmas. But with this in store it does not matter what the Appeal or the Supreme says.
EU law applies!