Lucky Joe won the double jackpot

Lucky Joe likes to play the slot, his favorite site is Bet365. For six months ha had been playing slot machines with progressive jackpot.
Most people who play the slot machines with progressive jackpot have a dream that at some point pull the digital arm of the portable PC and see the whole screen filled with diamonds or wands.
Lucky Joe is no exception. The dream of big profits became reality a cold winters day in January. He was playing the slot Diamond Valley while he was talking to a friend.
  The jackpot of $ 82,722 took a while before it sank into the consciousness. It was actually his friend who started screaming and jumping up and down, which made Lucky Joe to do the same when he finally understood why his friend suddenly started to behave so strangely.

One jackpot a week is enough!

That would end the story for most, but not for Lucky Joe. A few weeks later, he played on another progressive jackpot; Magic Slots, where he also brought home the Jackpot.

The prize this second time during the same month was: $ 100,373. And you might think that he was accustomed to winning jackpots, but Joe says that the second big win came as an even bigger shock, he did not think it was possible to win two jackpots so close to each other.
What does Lucky Joe do today? Well he is probably sitting under his favorite oak tree playing his favorite slots at Bet365.
Who knows when he will “steal” the next jackpot from us who never won a single one.

About Bet365

Bet365 Group Ltd. is one of the world's leading betting and gaming groups online. They offer their customers a wide selection of betting options that cover most sports like football, tennis, ice hockey, handball and horse racing.
Bet365 have a gaming license in the UK since 1974 and has now more than 900 employees and over 3 million customers in 150 countries.
During 2010/11 they launched Bet365 games through mobile in most markets and events, including a very popular live odds function making them a pioneer in mobile gaming..