Magnus Silfverberg about Betssons Prize for responsible gambling

Betsson was at the end of last year (2009) rewarded as world’s most responsible gaming companiy. The Swedish gaming operator won the award after havind focused long and extensively in several areas to rise awareness of compulsive gambling. Among other things, they have a full-time employee who works exclusively with the problem of compulsive gambling.


In an exclusive interview with Magnus Silfverberg, CEO Betsson Malta ltd, he told CasinoCocktail about Betsson´s work to take responsibility as a casino and betting company online. Being a responsible gaming company is essentially about one thing, communicate, capture and prevent gambling addiction.


The jury that appointed Betsson to the world’s most responsible gaming company took into account the following points that Betsson work with to prevent gambling addiction.



  • Betsson´s information on gambling addiction through several different mediums.
  • Knowledge of their customers, their efforts to observe and detect potential problem gamblers and support them if they want help, and if they suspect problem gambling stop sending information and advertising to the customers.
  • Opportunities to cool off, self exclusion and financial stakes: day / week / month.
  • The training program and competency levels in Betsson’s employees.
  • They have a full-time employee with long experience of addiction who works directly under the CEO Magnus Silfverberg, according to Magnus himself, she has great “weight” at the company. Her analysis and suggestions are taken very seriously.
  • Their self assesment test that they provide. After the test, you can see if you are at risk and get guidance on where to turn for help and advice.


Statistically speaking, 1-2% of those who have ever tried gambling get caught up in some form of gambling addiction.
– There is no “type” of people that become trapped in compulsive gambling said Magnus Silfverberg CEO at Betsson. You have to work very large, the problem is across all social classes and income levels.


Taking responsibility of the abuse issue is obvious to Magnus Silfverberg, he only sees benefits from it, financially, morally and politically.
– We work and compete in a very regulated market, we need to be good in all areas of gaming and wagering. Politically, we need to show that we are at least as good as the state owned actors at taking responsibility in the abuse issue, economically, it is simply good customer care and it always pays off in the end. Morally the Betsson motto is “Fair Play”. Incentives and the human aspect are connected, so to speak, on this issue.


Betsson is not going to stop in its efforts against gambling addiction, the appointment both inspires and commits.
– We will continue with the same approach and will intensify and adapt our Responsible Gaming proceedings with regard to our various markets.


– We will also offer our customers even more tools to facilitate their ability to make sound choices.


It is a year to the next EGR Awards. CasinoCocktail wishes Betsson all the best for the work against addiction and we hope they inspire other casino sites to make common cause with them.

About Betsson

Betsson is one of the most well-known online gaming sites. Betsson is operated by Betsson AB that offers games to end consumers via, and They offer poker, casino, sports betting, lotteries and bingo.
Customers are primarily from the Nordic countries and Europe. Betsson AB is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, Mid Cap (BETS).