Maxi Yahtzee on Bwin casino

Now you can play Maxi Yahtzee at Bwin  casino live on the Internet. Maxi Yahtzee differs from classic Yahtzee by having a sixth dice. The extra dice gives the game a new dimension. Excitement and fun to the max!
You can find the game under Bwin – Games – Skill Games. Yahtzee might feel like an odd game at the casino but it’s really exciting and fun to play Yahtzee online. To go to the Bwin casino and play, just click on the link below:

Game Instructions Maxi Yatzy

In each round, you have a power-throw with all six dices and two optional rolls of the dice you deside. The scored numbers can be entered on the scoreboard after each throw, but no later than after the third set. Once the player has registered a result the game ends and the new begins. Remaining throws are saved and used later. The game’s objective is to get as many points as possible in each category.

Yatzy rules and history

Yahtzee is a dice game with five dice, which was invented in the 1950s. The number of participants is unlimited and the winner is the participant who reached the maximum points after the game has ended. The player next in line, is entitled to three twrows, however, not all throws are mandatory. The player can choose which dice is to be thrown again, and the score is included in a protocol.
The order of the protocol does not necessarily need to be followed, but the game will be more random controlled if the protocol order is followed. This type of game is called “coercion”. The game can also be played as “semi-coercion”. Then you play the upper part of the protocol, and when all players are finish playing that part the lower part of the protocol is played, and the total score is then merged.
A third variant of the game is called “free” or “totally free”. Then the players are free to allocate their points from games played or three strokes over the entire protocol. This type of game is often more of a challenge when chance alone is not the deciding factor but where the player’s ability to calculate probabilities of different game combinations make the game harder and less chance driven compared to the “coercion” game.

About Bwin

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