Mini Blackjack – new way to play Blackjack

Betsafe has always had a Blackjack game on its online casino, but now they also have a version that they call Mini Blackjack. It’s the same rules as in regular blackjack, but you play at a small table with just one hand. The game is fast and fun to play.
 You make your bet and will then see your first two cards and the dealer’s first card. Then you normally have the option to take another card or if you want you can stay. You should get as close as possible to 21 without getting over 21. When you’re satisfied, click Stop and then the dealer will draw his cards until he has 17 or more. Same as regular Blackjack but in a small package!
Mini Blackjack can be found in Betsafe casino lobby and the idea is that you can easily play one hand while your other games are loading or while you wait for a tournament to start.

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About Betsafe

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With a strong product range and unique customer support Betsafe has become an obvious choice for gaming enthusiasts all over the world.