New dice game Shoot the Moon at Paf

Paf has today launched a new dice game called Shoot the Moon at its online casino. Shoot the Moon is a dice game where you have to get as high score as possible with six dice. The winner is the player with most points after three rounds. Collect high dice numbers or concentrate on getting the Shoot the Moon in the last round – double threes give you half the pot. Easy to learn, fun to play. Bet, bluff and play yourself all the way to the top.

Shoot the Moon’s Guidelines

In Shoot the Moon it´s all about scoring as high points as possible with six dice. It really not that hard but there is an exception. If you get a double number three in the final round of games you have managed to get Shoot the Moons. Then you automatically get half the pot. If no player has Shoot the Moon, the player with the highest total dice result get the whole pot.
The game is divided into three rounds in which players roll their dice and bet on each other. The player to the left of the dealer starts the betting after the first two dice are rolled.
For excitement all the players keep the recently thrown dice hidden. But when the game is complete, your and the other players’ current result become visible.

You choose who you want to play against. Your opponents are always other registered players. Take a seat at the table in the lobby or select an empty table and wait for other players come and sit.

About Paf

Paf is a public association with over 40 years of experience in the gaming business and around over 350 employee. Paf offer a wide range of games like online video slots, bingo, lotteries, poker, casino and skill games both online and on board ships.
In 2008 the Paf Group had a turnover of € 106 million, of which net profit totaled € 27 million.