New Video Poker Jackpot Joker Poker at Paf

Paf has launched a new video poker at its online casino named Jackpot Joker Poker. The top prize consists of a progressive jackpot starting at € 10,000. The goal is to get the best poker hand possible. Jackpot Joker Poker is played with a 52-card deck containing a joker, so a total of 53 cards is used. At a profit, you have the opportunity to play 50-50 to double your profits by drawing cards against the dealer. An exciting and lucrative video poker!

Jackpot Joker Poker instructions

Select bet by clicking Stakes. Your stakes are raised to the next level with every click on Stakes. If you want to play with maximum stakes, click Max Stake. Then the highest bet and the cards are dealt automatically.
Click Share to distribute the initial deal. The player gets a first hand of five car you must hold the cards to make profits. Click Share to replace the cards you chose not to keep. If no card is held, all cards are replaced.


Here you have 50-50 chance to double your profit or lose it. If you accept the challenge, click YES. Your previous earnings are converted automatically to the operation of the new game.
Five playing cards on the table. The exposed card is the “dealer”. You must choose one of the four inverted cards. If you get a higher card than the dealer you will double your original win. If you get a lower card, the dealer wins your previous earnings. If you get the same score as the dealer its a tie and you have the opportunity to play double or nothing again or end the game. At double or nothing ace has the value fourteen and the other cards according to their numbers.

About Paf

Paf is a public association with over 40 years of experience in the gaming business and around over 350 employee. Paf offer a wide range of games like online video slots, bingo, lotteries, poker, casino and skill games both online and on board ships.
In 2008 the Paf Group had a turnover of € 106 million, of which net profit totaled € 27 million.