Play Treasures of Troy at Mr Green Casino

Mr. Green has just released a new slot machine from IGT WagerWorks named Treasures of Troy. Treasures of Troy is a Multiway-slot which means that there are 1024 different ways to win. This is possible because each “symbol” of the machine acts as its own wheel and not as common for the entire column. An unusual feature that makes the slot machine unique and will provide a comfortable gaming experience where each symbol is spinning.
There is a Free Spin Bonus on Treasures of Troy that can provide up to 130 free spins. As usual on WagerWorks slot machines, there is a Wild symbol that acts as any other symbol, which makes it much easier to win. If you want to try Treasures of Troy, you can do it at Mr. Green via the link below:

The story of Troy

Troy is an ancient city in northwestern Turkey, which is known from Homer’s epics the Iliad and the Odyssey. Around the year 1865the ancient city was rediscovered by British archaeologist Frank Calvert who made excavations in the ruins of the mound at Hisarlik. The identification of Hisarlik as the Homeric Troy was made famous by the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who believed he had found Priam´s treasure during his excavations there.
This may not have much to do with the slot machine Treasures of Troy but some history is never wrong, plus it makes the game a bit more interesting. If you don´t want to read more about Troy’s history but instead try out the game, go to Mr Green Casino. Right now Mr. Green offer € 2,5 free if you register at their casino!

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