Review Play Casino

To test play casino is a great way to learn casino games. Most online casinos offer some sort of trial games or free games where you can test their variety of games for free. Before you sign up for an online casino you may want to check through their portfolio of games and try out various casino games. This will give you an idea of what games are offered and how the games work.

Play with money at the casino

It is common to receive a sum of fake money or so-called Play Money that can be used at the casino. This money works like real money with the only difference being that you obviously can not withdraw your winnings to your bank account. The games that you can test play works exactly the same as if you had played with real money.
Pretend money is usually given automatically as soon as you start a casino game. After starting the game you can choose how much to bet and you see if you win or lose at the games. If you lose all your play money, you can usually just go to the online casino home page and download the casino and you will get new play money.

If you are in an online casino that offers games directly from the browser without having to download any software to play, it’s really easy to test play. Then you just go to the casino’s website and choose the type of game you want to try and then start a game.

Slot Machines

Most common is to try slots because it is simple and the wide variety of slots makes you want to see what different types of gaming machines there are available. There are several different types of bandits a.k.a slot machines. Slot machines with three reels and one pay line – are classic games with 3 reels with symbols and only one horizontal pay line in the middle. Slot Machines with multi-lines – in these slots, there may be more wheels and pay lines, for example. horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Progressive jackpot slot machines – these slots offer a jackpot that grows until someone wins. Slot machines with bonus games – these slots have many similarities to classic video games but the bonus games offer extra benefits, eg. a free spins or bonus money.

In order to test play an online casino we recommend that you visit one of the casinos that we list below Top 5 Casino or follow the links to the right. All sites in our rating offers free trial games at their casinos.