Unibet for iPhone

Now you can play at Unibet on your iPhone. Usual odds and Live betting are available to play. Previously, Unibet offered games on mobile phones by using Java and WAP, and now Unibet are following up with a solution for iPhone. So now you can play wherever you are, as long as you have your mobile with you and it’s quiet. No download is required, just type in m.unibet.com in your browser (you can also use the url: n mobile.unibet.com, note you should not write www before).

Charge your iPhone with Unibet

So all you need is a Unibet account and a mobile and you are good to go. If you like live betting, this is perfect for you as you can stand directly in the arena and place your bet during the match. You log in using your normal login information, then you enter a pin code that you use for the login. You can change your four-digit PIN code when you want, note that the combinations 1111, 2222 or consecutive numbers in the up or down rising can not be used, eg 3456 or 9876.

With Unibet iPhonesolution, it is also possible to deposit money into your account, provided you have a debit card registered to your account, it is not possible to register a new card by your iPhone, to do so you must go to their home page.

About Unibet

Unibet was founded in 1997 and is an online gambling company listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm. Unibet is one of the largest privately owned gambling operators in the European market and provides services in 20 languages.
Unibet has more than 3 million customers in more than 100 countries. They are a member of the RGA - Remote Gambling Association in the UK and EGBA - European Gaming and Betting Association and also certified by G4, Global Gaming Guidance Group.
In December 2007, Unibet acquired Maria Holdings, on of the largest online bingo operator, and in April 2008 Travnet, Scandinavia's largest horse racing community.