Win iPhone 6 in Casumo’s Christmas tree

Get to the top of Casumo’s Christmas tree and win an iPhone 6. On your way up you can collect daily rewards that increase in value as you approach the top, so you should keep at it so that you do not miss out on any of the rewards. All players on Casumo that reaches the top of the Christmas tree within January 3th, 2014 will get an iPhone 6, so do not invest in a new phone just yet.

Casumo’s treasure hunt starts December 1 and proceeds until January 3, 2015. You can start the hunt whenever you want, so feel free to create an account and start the hunt for an iPhone 6.

Max one iPhone per player

All players who gets to the top of their Christmas tree will be rewarded with a brand new iPhone 6. You can maximum win one iPhone 6, so you cannot start all over again in the attempt for another phone. But we believe that it is a reasonable restriction, as one phone is often sufficient.
Most games are included in the treasure hunt, but not all of them. If a game is not included in the treasure hunt, it will be shown on the bottom of the game window. You should make sure that the games you play contributes to your progress.

The cute little mascot

Of course Casumo’s own little mascot is in the Christmas promotion. You cannot miss him as he shows up both on their site and Christmas promotion. We like the mascot and he always gets happy when he shows up in new promotions. He was even on a national tour last summer, so many people got to see him in real life. Then he was travelling around in a fluffy and cool bus, which was hard to miss. Unfortunately, we editors did not get to see him, but we followed him on Instagram and had our laughs when we saw him meet and hug many satisfied fans.
However, if you have not seen him yet, you should simply visit Casumo to see him and partake in the bonuses and games he offers.

About Casumo Casino

Casumo is an online adventure casino that is renowned in Scandinavia. What makes this online casino incredibly popular, is the fact that it uses cute characters who accompany you on missions. Complete these missions to receive a myriad of rewards. Additionally, this casino also offers a unique VIP programme for all players, not just high rollers. The more you collect 'achievements', the higher you will climb up the VIP levels.