Learning to play Black Jack is very simple and enables you to have both greater enjoyment of the game and better chances of winning. On this page we will briefly explain the game rules of blackjack in online casinos and land based casinos.

Card Values in Black Jack

The cards two to ten are worth their number value. Face cards (King, Queen and Jack) are each worth ten points. An ace is worth eleven or one point. All players try to beat the dealer without obtaining a higher value than 21.

A round of blackjack is started

A round of Black Jack starts by placing the bets at the center of the table in area for the chips. It is common to use six different decks of 52 playing cards from each game. You play against the “Bank”, or against the casino (which is represented by a dealer). The purpose of the card game is to beat the dealer. The closer you get the value 21, the better are your chances of winning. If you exceed the total of 21 you will “bust” and lose all your stakes.

Cards are dealt

The game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to each player (all players’ cards are “open”, i.e. visible to all) and two to himself, one of which is visible or “open”. It is also common for the dealer to start with dealing only one card to himself (which will be visible).
When the first cards are dealt to all the players the game starts “for real”. In turn (clockwise), the player chooses whether or not to be given more cards from the dealer, to stand, to double the deposit or to split the cards (and under certain conditions even taking insurance).

Who wins Black Jack

When all the players have acted and chosen to stay (or busts), the dealer will flip over his second (hidden) card (in the variant of the Black Jack game where the dealer starts out with only one card, the dealer now takes his second card). The dealer must keep on hitting until he gets 17 or busts.
If the dealer busts all remaining players in the game wins, i.e. those who have not busted already. The winnings for a player is double his stake (a bet of $100 gives you a $200 return and the net gain is thus $ 100).
If a player gets Black Jack, i.e. a tenner (ten, jack, queen, king) and an ace as starting cards, the player has Black Jack. This gives a return of the stake times 2.5 (a bet of $100, the player with the blackjack receives $250, making a net gain of $SEK 150).