• American Roulette – roulette with 38 numbers that include both 0 and 00. Has worse winning-odds than the European version of the game.
  • Autoplay – feature available on many videoslots that play automatical spins for you.


  • Bank transfer – deposit money to the casino via bank transfer, or cashing out your winnings. Smooth and safe method, especially for winning payments.
  • Bet – to bet on a game
  • Bet – the amount you bet on a game. All casinos have different minimum and maximum bets for each game table.
  • Bet Max – a button on the gaming machines designed to make the game faster. If you press the button, you bet the maximum allowed number of coins.
  • Blackjack – a card game played against a dealer. The challenge is to get as close as possible to 21. If you exceed 21 you lose.
  • Bonus Round – a bonus with more free games or more money than you can get on the slot machines.


  • Cash out – cash out your profits.
  • Coin size – value of the coins used to play on slot machines.


  • Dealer – the person running the game. Also known as the croupier.
  • Deposit – to deposit the money into an online casino. Can be done for instance by Bank Deposit or credit card.


  • Slot machines – the same as slot machine and video slot. See Slot
  • European Roulette – roulette with 37 numbers and only one zero. The odds are therefore better than the American roulette.


  • Free spin – free game on the slot machines. It can often be offered as a bonus to new customers at an online casino


  • Gammon – if a backgammon game ended and one of the players did not manage to take out any of his checkers, the player loses twice the value of the doubling cube.


  • Gambling – collective name for games determined by chance.
  • High Roller – a player who bets high. Some casinos give special bonuses to High Rollers.
  • The house – the casino or the dealer who operates a game.



    • Jack Vegas – Swedish slot machine available in restaurants and pubs all over Sweden.
    • Jackpot – big win often found on slot machines.


    • Keno – lottery games like Bingo where the player selects the desired numbers on a tray and then they are randomly chosen.


    • Las Vegas – the world’s most famous casino town. Located in the United States, Nevada


    • Maximum bet – the maximum amount you can bet in a game.
    • Moneybookers – Internet-based wallet which enables you to place money on online gaming sites.
    • Monte Carlo – Europe’s oldest casino.
    • Multi-Line – Slot machines that have a large number of gaming lines.


    • Neteller – a virtual wallet that is popular to use when playing games on the internet.
    • Online casino – a casino where you can play online on the internet. Read more at online casino.


    • Odds – shows how big your chances of winning are.
    • Online casino – casino games played online.


    • Payline – paylines on a slot machine / gaming machine.
    • Paytable / Payout Table – an overview of the winning combinations and how much you can win. It is available on slot machines.
    • Progressive Jackpot – a type of jackpot that increases in value as more bets are made. The player who finally gets the right combinations of symbols can win enormous sums of money.
    • Progressive slots – slot machines that are connected together and share the same jackpot.


    • Quads – Four of a Kind.


    • Roulette – a game of chance based on a spinning wheel and a ball whoch the players hope will reach a desired number. See also European and American roulette.


    • Slot Machine – see slot.
    • Game Machine – see slot.
    • Slot – electronic game machine where you have to get a certain combination of symbols to win


    • Terms and conditions – the casino’s terms and conditions. Should always be read before starting the game.


    • The payout percentage – the percentage on the slot machine that goes back to the player.


    • Video Poker (VP) – a version of poker that is played on a slot machine. Not the same as slots or slot machines.
    • Video Slot – see slot.


    • Wagers reguirement – the sum of money that the player must move or play with before he or she can make a withdrawal. The rules for this are often in the bonus offer T & C: P.


    • Yo – used in the dice game craps instead of 11 to avoid confusion with 7. (11 = eleven, 7 = seven).