Casino Horses
If you like casino and horses you should definitely try the Golden Derby. Golden Derby is an online trotting game taking virtual horse racing to a whole new level. The game has beautiful 3D graphics and realistic sound which makes the player feel like he is actually on the trotting track. Eight horses compete in each race, and you make your bets on regular racetracks. You can bet on the win, or 2nd or 3rd place. You can bet Exacta and Quinella, which means that you choose which two horses that come in 1st and 2nd, either in the exact order or in any order. This provides extra torque and high odds. During the race you follow the horses around the racetrack by multiple cameras, camera angles and close-ups. The finish also has a photo-finish that you can see when the race is over.

Golden Derby Odds

When you place your bets you’ll see the exact odds for each horse. You can also see previous races and horses’ form before you decide which horse to bet on. The statistics for your past races and bets are also displayed in a comprehensible manner.

Progressive Jackpot

Golden Derby also has a progressive jackpot which you will win if all eight horses finish in a certain predefined order. The scheme is shown throughout the race and marks are shown on horses when they are in the exact order needed to win the jackpot. This adds an even more competitive element to the game, and thus extra excitement.

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