Casino Payout
Payout or recovery percent/payouts also known as is the percentage that indicates how much a casino pays back to its players. If a casino has a casino payout for example 97% it means that the casino will pay back 97 crowns for each $ 100 they make a profit. Of course, this casino payout varies between casinos and various casino games. But it tends to be fairly even if you count over a month or a longer period of 6 months. The exact figure depends on which game provider the casino has and which games are played the most. But the biggest factor for a casino payout is after all chance.

Reimbursement percentage of online casinos

Generally, the repayment rate is higher on online casinos than in a live casino as online casinos have lower overheads. Since the payouts vary between different types of games as slot machines bandits and table games roulette but also between different games suppliers, it is important to choose an online casino that has the highest recovery rate. In the end, it is nevertheless often luck that allows you to win but it’s pointless to make it more difficult for the luck to hit.

Payout Reports on online casinos

A lot of online casinos show their casino payout at its gaming site to be as open as possible to their players. The disbursement reports are usually payout per month because shorter intervals provide less accurate data. Below we list the repayment rate for August 2009, for some of the Swedish online casinos that publish their repayment percent.

Table Games97.28%
Video Poker96.64%
Total payout96.34%
Table Games97.67%
Video Poker98.20%
Total payout96.86%
Table Games97.73%
Video Poker94.42%
Total payout97.09%
Table Games96.96%
Video Poker97.77%
Total payout95.78%

Svenska Spel Payout Percentage

Svenska Spel required to report their payouts because they are governmental and thus controlled. What you see right away is that table games have relatively high payout percentage. If this is because the players at Casino Cos is more skilled than average players at online casinos is hard to know. Most likely, the differences are only within the error margins. However, the Svenska Spel have very poor return on their gaming machines with an average of 94-95%. The minimum payout percentage the Jack Vegas machines is around 90%.

Casino Cos
Table games (roulette)97.30%
Table games (Cut to Black Jack)98.33%
Total payout96.71%

Payout per casino games

Software used in online casinos in games like slots, roulette and blackjack all use a random number generator (Random Number Generators), which generate a random outcome of the game by using advanced mathematical algorithms. It is this random number generator that game providers are using when they make their games and choose the payout that a particular game should have. Of course, a game provider could make a game that has very low payout and that do not give out any winnings. But such a game would not be get many players to return after being auditioned. Therefore online casinos want a payout to be so high that their players feel they have a good chance to win and they win the game. Because if a player notice that they win in a game, it’s more likely that they will come back and play in the same casino. Therefore, the payout percentage rose to almost 100 percent in several casinos. Because with the small percentage, the casinos still mathematically win at their games, they will win their games in the long run.

Certificates of casino payout line

By independent organization monitors and reviews, online casino games form their payout so players can rest assured that they stick to the stated repayment rate. Several different organizations Online Players Association (OPA) and eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) are some of the independent organizations that control online casinos and casino payout. If a casino has been certified by any of these organizations, you can be sure that the casino has strict procedures for its software and mixing-generator, and that they show a sincere and accurate payout percentage.