Chartwell Technology
Chartwell Technology Inc. is a developer and supplier of casino gaming and casino systems for both online casinos and mobile casinos. Chartwell Technology was founded in 1998 and currently has over 130 employees worldwide. Chartwell Technology is growing rapidly, and in 2010 they signed many new contracts with casino operators to roll out Chartwell games on their casino sites.
Chartwell Technology has always been involved in the development of new technologies, from the casino industry’s first commercial deployment of Java-based gaming system to the recent launch of mobile casino games in 2010. This has always been Chartwell Technology’s focus, so hopefully they will continue to deliver many new and great casino games in the coming years. Some of Chartwell Technology’s products are Cyberboss, their backend system for casino, and CyberBanx, which is their e-commerce platform. In 2010 Chartwell Technology received the eCOGRA certification, meaning that their software meets the stringent requirements that eCOGRA has set for their certifications. This ensures that their software is safe to use, and that the players can play their games safely.

Games from Chartwell Technology