Deposit Limit is something often used by online casinos to provide players the possibility to control their casino gambling. Simply speaking, it is a limit for how much money a player can put in at an online casino for a certain period of time. This allows players who feel they have a gambling problem and who have difficulty controlling their gambling, a possibility to limit their losses and prevent gambling problems.
The time period can vary from one week to one month depending on which online casino you are playing at. But common to all the online casinos is that you can not increase your deposit limit once you have set it. You can often bring a new limit when your time has expired, but never change the limit during the period.

Control over your gambling

Deposit Limits are a very good way to maintain control over your gambling. We see a clear trend that shows that more and more online casinos are moving towards using the deposit limits and other ways so that their players can control their gambling. A very positive development, which shows that the online casino industry has matured considerably and is taking a big responsibility for their players.
Many accuse the online industry for not taking a clear responsibility by just letting the gambling be free. But recent developments show that this is not the case. However, it can be discussed whether Swedish Games has good control over the gambling on their Jack Vegas machines which are placed in bars and restaurants around Sweden. Or if there is any deposit limit at Casino Cosmopol.