Gambling is a collective name for games in which chance has a major impact. Often the chance games use playing cards, dices, bingo cards and such. The oldest known objects, used for playing, have been found in 6000 year old tombs in the Mediterranean. Also, the various chance games figure in clay tablets from Sumer and Babylon and Egyptian papyrus.
The authorities have often, throughout history, tried to ban gambling, with the negative effect that peoples llegal gambling always increases. Now most nations rather try to control gambling by legalizing and organizing it.

Regulated gaming market

In Sweden, the gambling market is regulated. There is a state-owned enterprise, Svenska Spel, and some privately owned companies, as ATG, Peoples Games (Bingolotto) and Spero. A lot of foreign companies operate in Sweden mainly via the Internet, such as Betsson, Ladbrokes and Expekt.


A bet is to wager on the outcome of a future event or on an already occurred but unknown event. To invest in a particular event is also to called to bet. Bets can be made for fun between two individuals, but there are also commercial betting firms, bookmakers, who live on letting customers bet against them.

Betting occurs naturally in certain games, especially gambling and also in the casinos games, take roulette for example. The benefits paid depending on the different outcomes, are determined by their ranking odds. A betting game is often associated with a particular sport, such as harness racing, where players bet on which horse will win. Football is another sport that is often played with money, for example Stryktipset and Måltipset. In Sweden, the Swedish gambling monopoly conduct this type of game. Total random lottery, Lotto, Bingolotto, Keno and scratch cards of various types can also be counted as betting games. Through time, many large winnings can be gained, which of course increase people’s interest in gambling.

Gaming machines

Gaming machines (see video poker, slot machines) is also a type of betting game in which players bet money on one particular combination of cards or on figurines randomly selected by the machine. These games are completely or almost completely controlled by chance, as opposed to sports betting and poker where the players skill affects the outcome in varying degrees.