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You will find scratch cards but also many other fun and not so common games.
Several of Ladbrokes scratch cards offer really great wins of up to 20,000 times your stake! You can try all the games and scratch cards for free at Ladbrokes casino or on our scratchcard page. Ladbrokes currently offer 100% deposit bonus if you sign up and make a deposit.

Below is a list of scratch card games that Ladbrokes feature at their casino.

Dawn of the Bread Scratchcard

In a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are in charge, the remaining human survivors will have only one question: who is going to bake bread for us? Fear not, it is time for the Dawn of the Bread!

Win big prizes in this instant win scratch card. Take bites of the nine loaves to show the horrors that are hidden inside and match three to win! Reveal three eyeballs and you´ll win 10,000 times your stake!
Groan your way to huge prices!

Dragon’s Fortune Scratchcard

In a timeless land of mystery and legends, a magnificent red dragon lies waiting to offer you luck and good fortune. br />

The time has come to shine in this beautiful oriental themed instant win game. Watch as the ancient magical dragon reveals his gleaming pearls of fortune and match any two to win up to 20,000 times your stake.
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Seek the dragon and may fortune be your friend!!

Freezing Fuzzballs Scratchcard

Are you ready to melt your way to big wins? Winter’s arrived and the weirdest sets of creatures have become frozen into the mountainside. Free them and you could be on your way to huge prizes. br />

Win big prizes with this instant win game. Thaw away the nine ice cubes to reveal the frozen fuzzballs inside and match three to win! Reveal three shivering Eskimos and win 2,500 times your stake! br />
These crazy little fuzzballs will surely melt your heart!

Golden Ghouls Scratchcard

Can Wolfy tear into the defence? Will Vamps ghost past the midfield? Is Frankie alive to the cross? Find out in Golden Ghouls, the ghoulish soccer themed instant win scratchcard!

Play for big prizes in an instant. Scratch off the nine silver panels to reveal the ghouls that lurk below, and match three to win. Match three Mummy symbols and you’ll win 250 times your stake!

This scratch card is Monster fun!

Slam Funk Scratch

The funkiest basketball team ever is out to shoot some hoops… but this time on the dance floor!

Lay up some big prizes in this wacky instant win scratchcard. Scratch away the nine panels to reveal the groovy characters and match three to win up to 250 times your stake.
You’ll go disco crazy with this funky scratchcard.

Super Zeroes Scratchcard

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the most appalling bunch of super heroes you’ll ever see. Watch them screw up in their attempts to save the world, but win huge prizes in the process!

Power to huge prizes in an instant. Reveal the dopey super-fools from behind the nine scratch panels and match three to soar to super wins. Match 3 Magginetik symbols to win a whopping 10,000 times your stake.
Reach for the skies in this spectacular scratchcard!

Wild Champions Scratchcard

It’s time to see who is the best of the beasts. This instant win scratchcard pits the kings of the animal world against each other in the athletics arena for big prizes.

Scratch off the nine gold panels to reveal the wild athletics elite and match three to win. Reveal three cheeky hammer throwing monkeys to win 250 times your stake!

Go wild for this athletic scratchcard