Macau is a small peninsula in southern China, 65 km west of Hong Kong, which belongs to China but listed as a special administrative region. The Macau state budget consists to 50 % of gaming revenues from casino operations hence it is not surprising that much revolves around the casino and gambling in Macau.

Baccarat dominate

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas is familiar with the incredible amount of slot machines at its casinos. There are currently about 55,000 slot machines in Las Vegas, which makes it the most common of the casino games offered to visitors. In Macau, slot machines are not that common at all, an estimate around 5 000 slot machines are estimated in Macau. Instead, the table game Baccarat is the most popular game. Many of these Baccarat games are playes with very high stakes, so called High Roller games, bringing in substantial sums each year.

Exclusive rights are at stake

For over 150 years, Macau has had exclusive right to operate casinos and other gambling activities in China. This has meant that all Chinese casinos have opened in Macau. After the Chinese gaming monopoly was removed foreign casinos have also had the opportunity to open up in Macau. Something that above all the U.S. has taken advantage of.
This has helped Macau’s economy and turnover to increased year after year. 2004 was a record year for Macau with an economic growth rate of 28 percent. After that, growth has continued upward. In August 2011 gaming revenues had increased by 57 percent compared with August 2010. Total revenues amounted to 3.1 billion dollars, almost five times as much as in Las Vegas.