At first Mahjong might seem difficult with complex rules and strange tiles. But if you only read the rules and try to play Mahjong a few times it´s really not that difficult. If you want to play Mahjong online we can recommend Unibet casino.

Basic rules of Mahjong

Mahjong is played with 136 or 144 game tiles, called stones, of which you are to build series, much like rummy or the card game five hundred. All stones are divided into seven series and each series consists of a number of denominations. The different series are dragons, winds, circles, bamboos, characters, seasons and flowers.
The game starts by mixing all the tiles on the table and then building a square of the tiles with the reverse side down. The square consists of double tiles so in total, each side should have 36 tiles. From this square tiles are then picked and the players will try to build series.

Who will win?

Scores of Mahjong are different depending on what rules are followed. But the most common combinations that give points are called Chow, Pong, Kong and Mah-Jong. There are also a lot of special hands such as The hidden treasure and The heavenly twins giving high pionts. In short, you get points for the series you succeed in building up with your tiles. Whoever has the highest total sum wins the game.