Minigames are small bonus games that some online casinos offer their customers as an in-between-game when playing the regular casino games. Betsson is one of the swedish casinos who invest in these small and fast games from the game provider NetEntertainment. Mini-games are usually present in the casino lobby, and sometimes also next to the usual casino games. They are quick to play and easy to understand making them very popular. Mini bandits has one line giving wins and it is obvious to see if you’ve won or not. At Betsson you can test play mini-games for free without being registered or logged on the site.

Mini Blackjack, Roulette, Mini, Cash Bomb, Vault Assault

No matter how good your Internet connection is there will be a short brak from time to time. It may be because you´re waiting for a tournament to start or waiting for the start of a bingo game. If you get bored during these games, a mini-game is the perfect solution. br />There are currently four games to choose from. Two are small slots and one is a mini-blackjack game simply called Mini Blackjack. The two mini-slot machines are called Cash Bomb and Vault Assault and are quick and easy one-armed bandits. Cash Bomb palace even has a progressive jackpot.
The latest addition to the mini-games are a Mini Roulette which is a really cool and innovative version of the classic roulette. The Mini Roulette has only 13 numbers hence the odds of profitability are quite different. This means that you will win smaller amounts but much more often. If the ball stops at 0 (zero), the player will get 50% back of the stakes put on other numbers – a fun detail that makes you win more often and have more fun at the Mini roulette!
Betsson games can be better enjoyed with the help of these mini-games that either fill a gap or are played in parallel with other games.

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