Mobile Casino
Playing casino on the mobile phone is something that has really grown in recent years. Mobile phones have become more sophisticated and tailored to surf and play online games with and the online casino sites are starting to make games for mobiles. Perhaps the most common cell phone for the casino is the iPhone from Apple that many players use.
Other phones that will be popular for the casino games are phones that are based on Android. Mobile Companies like Motorola, Samsung and Google now have devices that use the Android operating system.

The mobile market will continue to grow in coming years and our guess is that casino gaming on mobile phones also will grow and become even more popular. This week Apple released its new surf tablet iPad which opens up further opportunities for the online casino via mobile devices.
So if you enjoy playing online casino on your regular computer, but also would like to play on the bus or grocery line you should keep reading our mobile casino guide.

Benefits of mobile casino

Benefits of playing casino on mobile phones compared to regular computer:

  • You can play casino games anywhere as long as you have coverage on your mobile.
  • Large selection of casinos that offer games on mobile.
  • Unique casino bonuses only available to customers in the mobile casino are sometimes offered.

The disadvantages of mobile casino

Disadvantages of playing casino on mobile compared to regular computer:

  • You play at a small screen making it difficult to see al the details of the games.
  • All mobile phones are not compatible to play casino.

How do I play casino on my mobile?

It is usually very easy to start playing casino games on a mobile phone. If you do not already have an account at an online casino and are complete beginner, follow our guide and you’ll soon be able to play mobile casino.

  1. Look at our casino reviews for an mobile casino that suits you.
  2. Follow our link to the casino and make sure that the casino offer games compatible with your mobile phone.
  3. Open an account at the casino.
  4. Follow the casino’s instructions for downloading and installation. It is usually very easy to download and install the casino software at a mobile.
  5. When installation is complete, start your mobile casino by logging in using your user data for the account you´ve just create.
  6. Deposits can be easily made by major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa or e-wallets such as Neteller and Moneybookers.
  7. Play and win!