Net Entertainment CasinoModule

Net Entertainment’s CasinoModule™ is the core of their successful casino platform. With the latest technology, Net Entertainment has created an online casino solution that today includes over 90 games and a powerful infrastructure. New games and features are continuously being added and big online casinos such as Betsafe and Mr. Green currently uses Net Entertainment CasinoModule.

CasinoModule of online casino

CasinoModule ™ allows for easy and quick integration with operators’ websites. By leveraging operators’ existing infrastructure, such as payment and CRM systems, the IT architecture is simple and has low operating costs. The operating and monitoring systems are managed by Net Entertainment for most customers, allowing the game operators to focus on their core business. As the online gaming market matures, players’ expectations of the entertainment value increases, thus increasing competition between operators.

Net Entertainment always strives to offer the latest in gaming technology in terms of graphics, animations and sounds that help create competitive offers for gambling operators. They continuously receive new products, which includes new games and systems functions. As the industry grows and matures, the demands on reliability and availability become more pressing. Therefore, Net Entertainment is investing continuously in research and development. The company follows a strict development process, ensuring the highest product quality. CasinoModule ™ consists not only of a set of casino games but also of a powerful administration platform. This allows the game operator to monitor his casino in real time, down to every game, tournament, and even individual players. This enables the operator to optimize the operation of their casino. Since casino gambling is very transaction-intensive and places high demands on capacity and reliability, the CasinoModule ™ is designed to handle millions of transactions every day.

Support for the casino in 22 languages

CasinoModule ™ offers full support in 22 languages, which is important when the game operators are in business on the international market. To further strengthen Net Entertainment’s position as a comprehensive supplier of online casino, the company developed several new features to CasinoModule ™ in 2009. There are currently two different technologies for online casino games – downloadable and browser-based. The downloadable version of CasinoModule ™ works well in markets where broadband penetration is lower, as the player installs the software on their computer instead of playing directly on the operator’s website.

Of the active players with an operator, it is only about 20 percent who visit the casino section. Reaching the other 80 per cent would mean a large revenue potential for both the operator and Net Entertainment. A new functionality, Seamless Wallet, was completed and launched for this reason, giving an opportunity for operators to expand their game offerings and provide casino gaming in other parts of its website, for example in the sports book. This allows the players who usually do not visit the casino area to also discover and play Net Entertainment’s games.