NordicBet Scratch

NordicBet has just launched a new downloadable casino where they offer scratch and good bonuses. The same scratch cards are of course available in their online casino, but for those who like to download a casino and play on your home computer you can now do so with NordicBet casino.
 NordicBet have, in addition to Poker, Sports Betting and Casino following awesome lottery tickets: Tribble, Zodiac, Golden Derby, Bingo, Bonus Keno, Triple Win € 1, Triple Win € 0.50 and Triple Wins HR.
Scratch cards from NetEntertainment that you find on NordicBet casino ensure safe play with a great dividend rate.

Bonus Scratch card

Just by buying a scratch card online and not a regular paper ticket from the store, you are given a bonus! It is significantly higher chance of winning at an online ticket compared to a paper one.
 Less than 50% of what one Trisslott costs goes back to the customer. Scratch-cards that you play online often have a payout percentage of between 87-95 percent, making them much more favorable to you.
 In addition online casinos often offer a bonus when you buy lottery tickets at their online casino. If you are a new customer, you usually you get a registration bonus no deposit is required. If you are already a customer at their casino, you should look out for a deposit bonus which means that your deposit is matched with a certain percentage by the casino.
 To read more about the various bonuses we recommend our bonus page.

Interactive Scratch

Playing interactive scratch cards has really become popular and has made many one million winners in recent years.
 There are several different kinds of lottery tickets, which consists of different things. But in the traditional scratch card you should scratch and get three symbols to win a prize. And there may also be a doubling box. Of course, the supply of interactive scratch cards is larger than the physical that you find in different stores and shops.
 When you scratch on the internet, click the mouse or drag your mouse to scratch and play. There are quite a few pages to play on the internet. We have compiled a complete list of Swedish scratch card providers that you find here.