But it has unfortunately been a few problems for users of Macintosh computers who want to play at online casinos. Mostly, the problem is that Mac uses a browser called Safari. There are a lot of alternative browsers for the Mac such as Camino, Flock, SeaMonkey, Opera, all of which unfortunately have had problems with online casinos.

Betsson casino on Mac

Betsson is one of the largest online casinos and their site is constantly updated to support all players and browsers. The latest version of Betsson casino has support for Mac and all its most common browsers. So if you are looking for a good and serious online casino to play on your Mac then you should visit Betsson.

Browsers that support the online casino

Google Chrome is Google’s own browser, which is now up to version 8.0. Chrome is designed to protect surfers against unauthorized access and hacker attacks and automatically downloads new updates so that the browser has the latest and greatest protection. There is also a built-in protection in Chrome 8.0 that protects against malicious software and phishing attacks.

Firefox 3.6 is the latest browser from Mozilla. It is a very fast browser with many smart features to be compatible with game rooms and casinos. Firefox 4.0 will soon be released and the support for online casinos will be further increased with faster rendering of pages that make games and sites run faster than ever.

Safari 5 is a new web browser from Apple available for both Mac and PC. The latest version supports many new features such as HTML5 and CSS3, which will make life much easier for users who want to play casino online. The development of online casinos adds value to the new standards HTML5 to make it easier and faster to play casino in browsers on other devices such as iPads and iPhones. Safari 5 also includes secure encryption technology to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access while you play online and make deposits via credit card.

Mac OS X

OS X is the latest version of the operating system from Apple for Macintosh computers. The operating system is based as before on Unix but now has a very user friendly and graphic user interface. The first Mac OS X version released was version 10.0 also known as Cheetah. After that, in 2011 it reached 6 updates and the operating system is now up to version 10.6, called Snow Leopard. In October 2010, Apple introduced version 10.7 Lion with an expected release date in summer 2011.