Play Casino Online

To play online is the easiest way to play casino. Instead of visiting a “real” casino, anyone who has a computer with internet can go to an online casino and quickly start playing casino games. Online casinos are open 24 / 7 and offer a much greater range than for example Casino Cosmopol. Online casinos also usually pay much higher dividends than the state casinos can offer. The difference between visiting a land based casino and playing online is not that big, the biggest difference is probably the casino psychology because it is a completely different environment at an online casino.
The casinos we recommend are all serious and reliable actors at the casino market with strong backgrounds and aspiring owners. They have fun games and a good customer service with prompt service by email or phone, and often live chat. Of course, all companies own gaming licenses for engaging in gaming activities in Sweden.

Online Games

The range of online games in Swedish online casinos are quite large. Most online casinos offer the classic games such as roulette, blackjack and slot machines. But depending on what game provider is used the games look a little different and offer different gameplay. The rules are often quite similar but may differ slightly. Therefore it is important to visit the various casinos and try to play on their various games. On their sites you can often read the rules of the games.

Play online roulette

Rouelette is a very popular online game available at almost all casinos. There are two types of roulette, an American and a French version. The French roulette is the most beneficial of all types of roulette as it contains only one zero. This means that the odds of profit increases compared with classic American roulette. If you play on red or black on a French roulette the casino has only one advantage of 1.3514%. The rules are the same for French and American roulette, which means that it is easy to play if you already know the roulette rules. To see which one your casino offers, just start the game and see if the table has one or two zeros.

Play online blackjack

Blackjack originated in southern Europe and was called vingt-et-un (“twenty-one”) when it started in France in the 1700s. The game was spread over around the world and the French name was changed to Blackjack when it began to be played in the U.S. around 1910. The name Blackjack originated in that casinos for a while, gave the player with the ace of spades or jack of spades in the starting hand tenfold profits. The big boom came in the 1930s, when casino gambling was legalized and Las Vegas boomed. Today Blackjack is available in the majority of online casinos.