Mobile Casino Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes
Promotional Codes is a relatively new thing that is starting to be used by an increasing number of online casinos. The most common is that a promotion code is sent out in newspapers and handed out as flyers. The code you get is usually unique, so that it can only be used once per customer. The value of the bonus you get with the promotion code often varies a lot but usually it’s really good deals because the casinos have taken the trouble to print and distribute these codes.
After you have received the promotion code you must register an account at the casino if you do not already have one. During the registration process, there is often a field in which to fill up their promotional code to receive the bonus. If you already have an account, there is always a tab or a field (usually under My Stuff) where you can enter the promotion code.

SMS Promotional Codes

Recently, some online casinos have started to send out promotional codes via SMS to mobile phones. It is a simple and inexpensive way to distribute promotion codes through SMS so most likely we will see much more of this. Therefore, it is always important to state your real cell phone number when registering at an online casino in order for the casino to reach you with their offerings such as promotion codes.

Wager Requirements for promotional codes

Before a player can withdraw his/her bonus money they must have met something that casinos call “wager requirements”. This means that you have played for your Bonus money a certain number of times before they turn it into “real” money, which you can withdraw to your bank account. Online casinos have started this since many gamers misused campaign codes and just downloaded the money without playing at the casino.
Typically, a wager requirement for a bonus is 25 times. This means that if your promotion code gave you € 10 in bonus, you must have played for € 250 before you can withdraw the money. It may sound a lot to play for € 250, but it´s done pretty fast and you should always remember that the repayment rate can be as high as 98% so you have a good chance at making a profit.