Sign-Up Bonus
Sign-up Bonuses is today clearly the most frequently used offerto attract new customers to online casinos. It is simply because the competition is very tough for new customers that most online casinos now offer a bonus at registration. Unlike a deposit bonus you don´t have to do anything other than signing up at a casino to get a sigh-up bonus.
The bonus often consists of money that you can use to test play the casino before you make your first deposit. But of course you get to keep any gains that you get when you play for your registration bonus. To transfer your bonus money into your bank account you must wager your bonus money a certain number of times at the casino. It is so because you should not be able to register for an account and then immediately transfer funds to your bank account. To learn more about the current requirements for registration bonuses you can go here.

Registration process for online casino

Most major players in the online casino market offer very simple and easy registration procedures. You will have to enter your usual personal information like your first name, last name, address and social security numbers. But often it is not much more than that and you choose a password for your account before you can start playing online. Your registration bonus will automatically be put into your account and you can instantly see it when you sign in at the casino to see your balance.
Many online casinos also have information on how much of the money is “bonus money” and how much is “real” money. It is for you as a player to easily see whether you have met the casino’s revenue requirements and therefore can withdraw your winnings to your bank account.

Can I start multiple accounts to get the sign up bonus?

All reputable online casinos today has special fraud departments who are tasked to verify that no fraudulent attempts occur at their casino. Starting multiple accounts under the same personal information to obtain registration bonus is considered as abuse and found very easily in these fraud departments. If an online casino can see that this happens they will immediately close all bank accounts of the person and any winnings can not be withdrawn. All major winnings withdrawn from an online casino is often confirmed with copies of identification and invoices for eg. electricity bills to verify the bankroll authenticity.

Opening multiple accounts under a false identity to get sign-up bonus can of course also be considered as a fraud attempt and will be stopped by the fraud department. Online casinos are very good at checking if the specified data is correct and close these accounts. In some cases it may also be relevant to file a police report, so we urge everyone to only start a game account at the casino with your correct information. If you do, you will never have any trouble playing and taking out profits from the casino.
If you want to try at several online casinos and learn about their different sign up bonuses, you can obviously open an account at various online casinos.