Roll ’em Dice

Roll 'em
Roll ‘em is a fast and simple dice game which is played with two dice. No major skills are required for this game as it is a simple game of chance. The return when playing Roll ‘em can be high if you bet on a high sum of the two dice. For example, the sum 12, two sixes, gives 35 times your bet if you play on Bwin casino.

Due to the popularity of Roll ‘em, the table game is available to play on several online casinos. Below is a selection of the sites that have Roll ‘em in their games library. Want to play Roll ‘em for free? Don’t worry, you can try the game at no cost if you want to practice before signing up.

Game Instructions

Place your bet. Then select the combination you believe will be the total (numbers 2-12), and then press ‘Roll’. If your guess corresponds with the value of that roll, you will win.

Roll ’em Odds

The odds for each number combination varies, as some numbers can be combined in more ways than others. For example, a total of “7” can come through 3 +4, 5 +2, 6 +1, while twelve only can be combined with 6 +6. Odds are indicated next to each number with the potential payout, which will increase or decrease depending on changes around the amount you choose to bet.

Try Roll ’em

If you want to try to play a quick game Roll ’em at an online casino we show where it is available in the list below.