Roulette Rules
Roulette is about choosing a number or color and placing a bet. The player can bet on a specific number or range of numbers, they can also bet on a color, red or black, and they can even bet on whether it will be an odd or even number. During the game the Croupier spins a roulette wheel in a certain direction and throws down a ball in the opposite direction to the wheel around a circular track along the circumference of the wheel. The ball continues to spin until it loses momentum and falls into one of the numbers on the wheel. There are 37 numbers in European Roulette or 38 numbers American Roulette. The player who had guessed the correct color or number wins the round. Thiese are the basics of roulette rules so ot is a really easy casino game available at most online casinos.

Inside bets and Outside bets

There are two types of bets in roulette. Inside bets and outside bets. It is called inside bets when a player chooses a pocket number where the ball will land when it is thrown away in the opposite direction of how the wheel turns. Outside Bets are bets on different combinations of pocket number, the color of the pocket or if the ball will land on an odd or even-numbered. These efforts are well based on probability and statistics. Players can bet on both inside and outside during the game until the dealer says that the game is over. Bets of each game is separated, for inside bets and outside bets, every time the ball is set in motion.

Winning numbers and color

When the roulette wheel gets a winning number and color, the croupier places a cursor on the number of the betting field. When the cursor is placed, then no further action is received, collected or removed. The croupier will then remove all losing bets and determine the payments for the inside bets and outside bets that remain. When the dealer is finished with his work, the marker is removed, players collect their winnings and bets can be placed again.

Learn Roulette

Many people think that roulette is difficult and that it is very difficult to learn all roulette rules. But here we have gone through the basics of roulette so it´s really not that hard. Learning roulette rules and roulette strategies is very positive and something that all casino players should do. All players who are really interested in roulette can do it quickly and will then have a lot more out of their roulette gaming.