Roulette Strategies
Roulette is about probability, guesswork and luck. If luck is on your side you could win a lot. If it is against you, you can lose everything. This game is associated with a high risk. All players want to win and some people do, not depending of their precision, but for their success. Being successful is a fundamental factor for winning at roulette, but to devise a strategy before you invest your money is important. There are a large number of popular strategies that can help a player to invest strategically and to perhaps eventually win a profit.


Andrucci System

One of the key strategies for winning at roulette is considered to be Andrucci System. The strategy used in the system is based on the famous “Chaos Theory”. The Andrucci system states that in the long run, all the numbers will show up as often, but in the short run, some numbers appear more frequently than others. So if a person follows the outcome of the numbers that have appeared on twenty, thirty rounds, he or she can figure out which number appears the most times. Statistically, it is impossible, to say that in the short term these numbers are most frequent. By following this pattern, if you believe in this with frequent resulting numbers, while placing your bets, you might have a chance to win.

Labouchere System

Another system that might make you win at Roulette, is the Labouchere System. This system involves a certain amount of effort by using a series of numbers in a line related to the gain or loss. Usually you add up the numbers in front of and behind the numbers aimed to bet on. When the player wins, he takes out the number in question, while a loss will add the number at the end of the line, an like this continuing his bets with a long line. It is a very systematic approach in which the player may want their own preferences when he starts the game. In many cases, this strategy has proven effective to save the players’ money.

Pyramid System

Yet another approach that is said to be successful at roulette is the Pyramid System. Also known as the D’Alembert System. This system is popular for even money back on the outside bets, where players prefer to keep the bet size small, so when a loss occurs, it is minimal. In this strategy the operation process is simple, for each loss an entity is added, and at every win, the next coming bet is subtracted. So if you consistently win, you take away what you win, if you lose you add a corresponding loss. This is a strategy based on the mathematical theory of equilibrium which has been shown to be behind numerous wins at the roulette tables.

Conclusion on roulette strategies

Strategies are there as a guide for players, but they can never guarantee a win at Roulette. There have been gain sessions over extended periods, but no one can totally control the game in their favor in the long run. Over the years, many intelligent minds have worked to find a strategy that will improve your chances of winning, and above are some of the most important and successful ones. But if you like to play casino games  it is best to start playing and follow one of the strategies to win, who knows, in the long run you may have mastered the game.