In order to make secure deposits and to play safely in online casinos  you must check that the casino uses encryption at its gaming site. This means that all communication and messages sent between the casino and your browser is protected so that no one else can read it.
 All the casinos that we recommend are secure and use encryption on their casino sites. So if you play in any of these casinos, you need not worry that someone will hack your casino account and take your money.
 However, if you choose to play at an online casino that we have not tested and recommend, you must check that they are using encryption on their casino.

SSL encryption at online casinos

There are many different kinds of encryption of messages over the Internet. The most common and very secure kind of encryption that takes place on the internet is SSL encryption. To see if an online casino uses SSL encryption for its gaming site, you should verify the existence of a closed padlock in the browser’s bottom right corner. If you see a closed padlock when you are on the casino’s website or when you make a deposit you can be sure that nothing strange happens. Below is a screenshot from an online casino that uses SSL. We have circled the lock so you can see how it will look. The screenshot is from a Firefox browser, but it looks the same in all major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari and others.

SSL Encryption

Check the casino’s license

If you click on the padlock you’ll see detailed information about the site and its certificate. Below is a screenshot of what such information might look like. Certificates are issued by independent organizations to ensure that the site is authentic and validated. You can also tell if the site saves cookies in your browser. Most sites on the Internet saves cookies in your browser and it is nothing to worry about. At the bottom you can see technical details about the casino’s encryption, such as how many bits are used as collateral. 128-bit is common and provides good security.
 Note that some details are different from casino to casino. All you need to check is that the site has a validated certificate, check that the padlock is closed.

SSL Certificates