Scratch Cards
If you like to play Scratch Cards online then this is the right page for you. Because now you can buy Scratch Cards directly on your online casino without having to leave home.

Playing the lottery tickets online works just the same way as the paper once so it’s really easy to play and win. Online Scratch cards also have much higher payouts than the “real” paper tickets. The most common Swedish ticket (Triss), for example, has a return of only 49% when several online casinos can have over 90% as a refund percentage.

That is, there are much more chances of winning if you buy your scratch card online instead of buying one in your store!

What scratch ticket gives maximum profit?

On the scratch cards you can win anything from a few dollars up to several million, depending on the scratch cards you buy. The higher the prize money, the more difficult to win, but if you want to win small amounts frequently there are lots to choose from where nearly one in three lots are profitable. As usual, the higher the profits are the more expensive is the ticket.
 The biggest gains we have managed to find at online casinos in Scratch is on Betsson Scratch. The scratch card 3WOW which has a large win of 300 000 euro and another win which gives 5 500 euro each month for 15 years! Quite simply really good fun!
 To play at 3WOW or any other of the Betsson Scratch Cards Online, click on the banner above.

Casinos with the best Scratch Cards

Popular Scratch Cards

The Triss ticket is probably the most common and popular scratch card that we have in Sweden. Svenska Spel sells the ticket at their dealers around the country.
  Penninglotten is another large ticket that Svenska Spel is selling, it is a very simple scratch. On Penninglotten you get five chances of winning numbers and you can win on two of these.
  Sverigelotten sold by the Folkspel is a gaming company owned by 75 national organizations with unions which together have about 5 million members. Folkspel will also launch a subscription lottery with its world premiere in February 2010 which will be called Sverigelotteriet.
 Another popular scratch cards that is not sold by the Svenska Spel is Miljonlotten. The scratch card is sold by IOGT-NTO. So there are many different societies and associations around the country that sells lottery tickets. But as I said before, none of these tickets are in the vicinity of the benefits and reimbursement percentage that scratch cards at online casinos can offer.

Various themes on scratch tickets

The funny thing about Scratch is that it is a simple game but still they can be varied endlessly with different themes and designs. There are sports cards, horse cards, dog cards, casino cards, fantasy cards and cards with many many more themes. So no matter what you like and what kind of scratch you feel for you can be sure that it´s available at an online casino.