Login or No Deposit Bonus

Signing Bonus
Log-in Bonuses are used by some online casinos to encourage its players to make new visits. Of course, online casinos hope that the log-in bonus will make players come back more often and play for real money after log-in bonus has been spent. Often the log-in bonus is rather small so that players not just sit around and wait for a login bonus, but more to see the bonus as an extra reward to loyal casino customers. Anyway the log-in bonuses is something that all players should look out for and take advantage of when they occur. The only requirement is that you log in!

How does a log-in bonus work?

To get an offer on the login bonus, you must of course be a registered member of the online casino. The casinos, which then tend to use the log-in bonus to reward their players usually send out information about the bonus in an e-mail. There are always conditions for such a bonus and during which time the bonus applies. It is almost always a time limit for the log-in bonus, so be careful when you read your casino e-mail to keep up with what’s happening.
To get the log-in bonus, you just log into the casino with your regular log-in information. After that you will receive your log-in bonus that the casino will automatically deposit into your account.
One casino that is very generous with their log-in bonuses is Mr Green Casino. So if you want to be sure that next time they send out a log-in bonus you will receive one, be sure to become a customer at Mr. Green.