Trey Poker
Trey Poker is a fast single poker game available at many online casinos. It is actually a regular table game played with a regular 52-card poker game that is shuffled before each game.
But the specificity of the Trey Poker Professional Series is that it contains two different games in the game. The games can be called Ante / Play and Pair Up. You can choose to play either one or both games simultaneously. When you play both games simultaneously, you can bet different amounts on each game. Trey Poker is a fun alternative to regular poker because it is similar to poker, but is much faster and you play only against the dealer. If you want to try Trey Poker, we recommend any of the online casinos listed below.

Online casinos that offers Trey Poker

How To Play Ante / Play?

In the Ante / Play game in Trey Poker you compete against the dealer to get the best poker hand with three cards. After adding an Ante bet, you get three cards. Then add a Play action (corresponding to the Ante bet) or fold and abandon the ante bet. If you play your hand is compared with three cards with the dealer. Winnings are paid out according to the normal and bonus payout table.

How to Play Pair Up?

In the Pair Up-game at Trey Poker you are betting on the quality of your poker hand with three cards, regardless of the dealer’s hand. You win if you get a hand combination with a pair or better.

Results and standard delivery for Ante / Play































Dealer qualifies **HandAnte betPlay-action
No.Not ApplicableProvides 1:1Equal
YesThe player beats the dealerProvides 1:1Provides 1:1
YesThe dealer and player have equivalent handsEqualEqual
YesDealer beats playerThe bet is lostThe bet is lost

Dividend for the Ante Bonus Round


















Straight Flush5:1
Three of a Kind4:1

Distribution of Pair Up





























Royal Straight Flush (E-C-D)100:1
Straight Flush50:1
Three of a Kind40:1