Trio Scratch
Betsson Scratch Trio gives you big chances to win. The ticket costs € 2,5 to buy and two out of five cards are winning tickets. With Betsson Trio you also have the chance to become really rich. You win if you scratch three equal amounts and you have also the chance to increase profits by up to 10 x Prizes from € 2,5 up to a hundred thousand euro. The only swedish casinos offering Scratch Trio is Betsson Casino. Betsson has extended its range of cards dramatically and is now one of the online gaming company which offers the largest variety of scratch cards. In the lobby at Betsson Scratch you will now find not only scratch cards, but also a large number of other lottery tickets in over 17 different languages. Betsson has also promised that new cards will be posted periodically in the future.

Betsson’s new lottery site

Betsson casino now has its very own lottery site for scratch cards. You’ll find it in the top menu as LOTTERY. Betsson Scratch is divided into Classic Scratch, Sports Scratch, Fantasy Scratch and Casino Scratch. Trio Scratch is under the Classic Scratch. Betsson is the first online casino that are really investing heavily in scratch cards with their very own lottery site. They started with a few cards a few years ago but has now launched a brand new section on their game site that just sells lottery tickets. This means that we can really recommend Betsson Scratch!

Scratchcards Odds

Betsson Trio ticket is a scratch card containing 74% more winning tickets than Triss-ticket. In a series of 2 000 000 Triss-cards there are 418 252 winning tickets, while the Trio has as much as 729 744 winning tickets. This means that 36.5% of the cards are winning tickets – more than a third. In terms of prize money the difference is even greater. In a series of 2 000 000 Triss-cards gains amount to 2 450 000 euro in total, while Trio provides a profit of 4 375 000 euro. Trio Scratch is thus 79% more generous!

Double Profits

Win between 2,5 euro and 100 000. When you scratch a profit, you have the chance to multiply your profit 2 or 10 times. After you have scratched three equal amounts and thus found a winning ticket, you have the opportunity to multiply the amount of two or 10 times by scratching on the lower surface at the bottom of the ticket.If you have scratched out three figures of 10 000 Euro and then scratch a 10-fold multiplier, you win a total of 100 000 EUR.

Win Control

You can win anything between 2,5 euro and 100 000 on a scratch ticket. Once you’ve scratched your ticket, you must click on the Win Control to confirm the win. Should you forget, don´t worry, The online casino check all purchased cards every day and will pay your profits to your account..

Price in scratchcard

Trio-ticket costs € 2,5 and is only available at Betsson. To try your luck at the lottery tickets we suggest you go to Betsson Casino.