Triple Wins High Roller
Triple Wins with Jackpot is an online scratch card where you have two chances to win. You have a winning ticket if the amount is shown three times, and / or the jackpot symbol appears three times. If an amount appears three times, you win the sum times the win multiplier. It can multiply your profits by up to 1, 2 or 10. If the jackpot symbol appears three times, you win the current jackpot amount. If the amount shown three times and you have three jackpot symbols you win the jackpot, plus the sum times the win multiplier.

Online casinos with scratch cards

Jackpot on the scratch card

The Jackpot atTriple Wins High Roller is a progressive jackpot and for each game a part of the ticket price goes to the jackpot. Multiplier does not apply to the jackpot amount. You can thus both scratch a lottery ticket in the millions, or scrape your way to a jackpot nearly as big. Each scratch card costs 2 euro. To see other Jackpot games that you can find at online gaming companies, we recommend the casino jackpotpage.

Maximize your chances

If you want to play casino games and in particular lottery tickets, it’s at the online casinos you should play to maximize your chances. Another benefit of online is that if you do win, it’s not likely to miss it or throw away the ticket. Earnings can be obtained directly deposited into your account and then you can at any time transfer the money to your bank.