Unibet Scratch

Unibet Scratch can be found under the menu “Scratch Card”. Scratch Cards is the English name of the scratch cards that are also used in some Swedish online casinos.
 In Unibet Scratch-lobby you can buy scratch cards at four different levels of intervention and to all four levels, there is a jackpot win. Of course, paying a higher price you will get a higher jackpot but then you also run the risk of losing more money. The scratch card that Unibet has chosen for its casino is Triple Wins which is a really good scratch card that we can recommend to anyone who wants to try scratch.
All tickets can be bought in Euros, ie the same currency as Unibet uses in its casino, so it is easy to buy and play on their scratch cards.

Triple Wins Scratch

Triple Win is an online scratch card, which has become very popular in online casinos. You have a winning ticket if the ticket ihas an amount that appears three times. As an added excitement, there is a multiplier that you also scratch if you’ve managed to get three figures for the same amount. You win the amount times the figure in the multiplier. Triple Win tickets are developed by the Swedish company NetEntertainment.

Triple Wins – € 0.5 per lottery with a jackpot of € 10,000
Triple Wins Star Ticket – € 1 per ticket with a Jackpot of € 50,000
Triple Wins High Roller – € 2 per ticket with a Jackpot of € 41,166
Triple Wins Platinum – € 5 per ticket with a Jackpot of € 77,945

Jackpots will grow bigger as you buy new tickets. You can thus both scratch a lottery ticket in the millions, or scratch your way to a jackpot nearly equal.

How does Triple Wins work?

Purchase and play on Triple Wins Scratch is very simple. After choosing which of the different ticket types you want to buy, click on Buy Ticket. After that you can choose the scraper tool to use to scratch the ticket. Which tool you choose does not matter to the outcome but is more a funny detail in the game. Then, just scratch and keep your fingers crossed that the same amount shows up three times.
If you don´t want to scratch, there is a button called Scratch all. If you click it all fields are scratched and all amounts are shown.
 If you are lucky and win, there is one additional field to scratch, the Multiplier. Where you scratch out a number that you then can multiply your winnings with! Scratching the Multiplier is perhaps the most exciting moment in Triple Wins!

So if you want to try to scratch cards we think you should go to Unibet casino and scratch a Triple Wins.
Perhaps it is you who wins the jackpot!