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UK Mobile Casino Bonus Guide 2019: Make Smarter Decisions via Your Smartphone

Even with the right combination of skill, luck and timing, fortune doesn’t always favour the brave when it comes to casino gaming. Although those armed with knowledge and discipline can triumph over time, the odds suggest it’s improbable to win every time you play. Of course, we’re not saying you won’t walk away with a profit after any given session. However, dynamics dictate that luck will ebb and flow over time.

Because you’re always walking a tightrope, online and mobile casino operators provide a safety net in the form of bonuses. Designed to cushion the blows a bout of bad luck can inflict on your bankroll, these promotions are an integral part of the industry. In fact, if you look through our guide to choosing the right online casino, you’ll notice that rewards are a recurring theme.

In our opinion, a mobile casino can only be considered an industry leader if it offers bonuses. Naturally, as is often the case in life, there are levels to the casino bonus game. In this guide, we’re going to take you through those levels and, in turn, show you how to boost your bankroll even if luck isn’t on your side.

Unpacking the Best UK Casino Bonuses

Unsurprisingly, the term “best casino bonuses” is subjective. What’s great for one player might not hold any value for another. Therefore, whenever you’re sizing up the latest mobile casino bonuses, you need to continually ask “is this the right deal for me”? Having said that, there is a science to unpacking mobile casino offers. To help you pick apart any promo out there, let’s talk about the defining features of the best bonuses.

The Best Casino Bonus Offers 2019

Before we give you the tools to analyse casino bonuses, here’s how some of 2019’s top offers shape up. Although this is a hypothetical scenario, it’s one that’s based on the promos currently available at the best UK online and mobile casino sites.

Mobile Casino X welcome reward: A no deposit bonus of 50 free spins on Starburst + a 100% deposit match worth up to £200 when you fund your account for the first time.
Mobile Casino X loyalty rewards: A points-based loyalty scheme where you receive credit for every £10 you wager. Alongside the loyalty scheme, Casino X provides a selection of monthly rewards, including reload bonuses, cash races and random prize draws.

What is a Good Mobile Casino Offer?

OK, so now we’ve given you a hypothetical overview of what 2019 mobile casino bonuses look like, here’s how we assess the top offers:

Accessibility: The first thing to consider with any online mobile casino no deposit bonus etc is its accessibility. How is the reward unlocked, who can get it and what media is it available on? Ideally, we like to see promos that are open to as many players on as many devices as possible.
Value: Money matters when it comes to casino bonuses. The more credits and free spins you can bank, the better. However, what’s also important to consider is how you’re compensated. In most cases, you’ll receive bonus cash. These funds are credits you can use in order to win real money. In some situations, a mobile casino offer will award you real money. Because these rewards aren’t subject to any wagering requirements, they’re often the most valuable.
Wagering Requirements: The defining feature of all UK mobile casino bonuses, wagering requirements dictate how much you have to stake before your free funds are truly free. With virtually all casino promos, you’ll have to stake a certain amount of real money before the bonus can be withdrawn. For example, an online mobile casino free sign-up bonus might ask you to wager 10X the amount of credits you collect.
So, if you received £20 in bonus cash, that means you’d need to bet £200 of your own money before the free credits and any associated winnings are yours to keep. The one positive here is that bet doesn’t mean lose. Instead, it refers to the total amount you stake regardless of wins or losses. However, wagering requirements do mean you’ll have to accept some level of risk.

Therefore, when we’re comparing mobile casino bonuses, we look for the lowest staking requirements and the longest period of time to meet the target.

What are Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements?

To expand on the idea of wagering requirements, we need to talk about restrictions and weighting contributions. As we’ve said, almost all mobile casino promotions will require you to bet some of your own money before they’re cashable. However, what you’ll also find is that certain types of bet are either excluded from the mix or don’t have the value you’d expect.

One of the most common restrictions is low-risk betting. In simple terms, this means betting in a way where you only have a small chance of losing. A classic example is covering more than 80% of the board in a game of roulette. Although this strategy is fine when you’re not trying to clear a bonus, most operators consider it a way of gaming the system. Whether you agree or not, low-risking can compromise an entire bonus system as it means the house assumes almost all the risk.

In tandem with these restrictions, bets on certain games will have a different value. In general, slots have a 100% contribution weighting. This means that every penny you bet on a slot will help to meet your wagering target. In contrast, blackjack and roulette often have weightings around the 20% mark. This means that 20% of anything you wager will clear a bonus (i.e. £0.20 of every £1 you stake). Based on this, slots are always the best way to clear any mobile casino bonus.

Why Do I Need Mobile Casino Bonuses?

Now we know what mobile casino bonuses are and how to find the best ones, the next question you need to answer is why? The reality of mobile gaming is that you never know if you’re going to win or lose. Therefore, by collecting as many freebies as possible, you’re able to create a financial cushion that can mitigate the impact of a bad run. Of course, you can’t rely on bonuses to offset every loss you have. However, if you choose wisely and play sensibly, they are a proverbial safety net.

Claiming UK Mobile Casino Bonuses

Claiming mobile casino offers is simple. By reading our reviews and following the secure sign-up links, you’ll get instant access to tons of added value. However, make sure you understand the terms and conditions. If you fail to make the right moves in order to claim and clear your bonus, you’ll end up disappointed. So, before you hit the deposit button, make sure you understand what’s required.

What Types of Mobile Casino Bonus Are There?

The only thing left for us to teach you about UK mobile casino bonus offers is the types of deal you’ll find on the market today. When you scroll through the best casino offers of 2019, the following will be among the most common:
No deposit bonus: This is the first bonus you’ll encounter when you join a mobile casino. As the name suggests, you don’t have to make a deposit in order to receive some credits. You will need to be a new customer, though. What’s more, there will come a point where you need to place some real money bets in order to withdraw any bonus wins. However, the fact remains that an offer saying something like “online mobile casino no deposit bonus” is predicated on any financial transactions.

Matching Casino Bonuses: This is another term used for deposit bonuses. The reason they’re referred to as “matching bonuses” is that the multiplier is always 100% i.e. whatever you deposit, the operator will match it up to a certain amount.
Deposit Bonus: Not all deposit bonuses are 100% matches. Depending on the mobile casino you choose, the multiplier might be 50% or it might be 200%. Basically, it’s up to the operator how much or how little they want to boost your opening deposit. In tandem with first deposit mobile casino bonuses, you’ll also receive reload rewards as an existing customer. These offers aren’t as lucrative and will rarely match the amount you deposit. Therefore, it’s important to ascertain whether the deposit bonus you’re being offered is a match or some other denomination.
Free Spins Bonus: Mobile casino free spins bonuses are extremely popular because slots are the top games you can play via your iOS and Android devices. In general, these promos give you a set number of gratis spins with a predetermined value. Whatever you win will be converted into bonus cash and subject to the operator’s wagering conditions.
Exclusive Bonuses: In a competitive market, all operators are trying to get the upper hand. One of the best ways to do that is to create exclusive mobile casino bonuses. These may only be available to mobile customers or they might incorporate a unique feature offered by the operator. Whatever these deals consist of, you’ll basically receive something you won’t find anywhere else.
High Roller Bonus: Generally speaking, mobile casino offers are aimed at newbies and novices. Because those with little experience are fighting against negative variance and a lack of knowledge, operators are eager to help in any way they can. However, the very best mobile casino bonus schemes also cater to high rollers.
Loyalty rewards are fantastic for this because they often work on a points-for-bets basis. Therefore, the more active you are, the more rewards you can unlock. Alongside VIP programmes, deposit bonuses with high financial caps are great for those with bigger bankrolls.
Casino Banking Bonuses: The final mobile casino offer you’re likely to find are based on the banking option you choose. Although rare, these deals give you something extra when you make a deposit via a specific processor. The counter to this is that some payment options will preclude you from collecting a bonus.
A common example of this is Neteller. Some operators will explicitly state that if you make your first deposit using Neteller, you won’t receive the advertised welcome reward. With that in mind, make sure you always use a valid deposit method when you’re looking to collect a mobile casino bonus.

Mobile Casino Bonuses are a Two-Way Thing: Why Operators Give You More

In reality, casino giveaways are a two-way street. Yes, they’re a great way for you to get more for less. However, they’re also great for operators. Because the mobile casino market is booming right now, the top brands need ways to catch your attention and keep it. Bonuses are an easy way to do that.

By offering you a certain amount extra, the top companies are giving you a reason to play. From there, things such as wagering conditions and loyalty rewards keep you active. Because of this, you can be confident that a site that offers a lucrative bonus once will probably always offer lucrative bonuses. Indeed, when an operator knows something is working, they’ll continue doing. Therefore, when it comes to mobile casino promotions, it pays to do your research. Get it right the first time and you could be onto a winner for a long time to come.

Reading through the advice we’ve given you in this guide should provide a solid foundation. Once you feel confident you can spot the best casino bonuses, use our reviews to check out the latest deals. Finally, when you’ve considered your options and read the small print, a world of added value is just a few clicks away.