Online casinos and their bonuses that we recommend at the moment:

Registration bonus

Registration bonus

You can often claim a registration bonus when you sign up to play on an online casino site. Many casinos demand that you verify your email address before applying the bonus to your account. This is easy enough – simply click the validation link you’ll find in the email in your inbox. After you have verified your account, you will be informed about whether the bonus has been applied or not and what its terms are.

Creating an account using a valid email address is usually the only requirement. Online casinos are very careful about making sure that customers do not register themselves several times in order to take advantage of the sign-up bonus (or any casino bonus for that matter). Do not waste your time creating multiple accounts at the same casino – you will probably be found out and have your accounts shut down. If it’s bonuses you’re after, it is better to register on several different online casinos and enjoy various casino bonuses.
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Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus gives players extra cash to play with once they deposit some of their own money, and is a very popular bonus with casinos looking to entice and reward new players.

A 100% deposit match is what you will usually find on offer and bonus money must usually meet what are called wagering requirements in order to be withdrawn. These requirements are set down by the casino and can range from 0 (very rare) all the way up to 50 or more, which are also unusual as this number tends to put players off. An average of between 30 and 40 is the norm. Always read the wagering requirements before taking up a bonus offer with a new casino.
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Match Bonus

A Match Bonus is the same as a deposit bonus and means that the casino will match your deposit by a particular amount, often 100% or more. If you deposit €500, you get €500 extra from the casino. A match bonus is usually only on the first deposit, but some casinos offer bonuses on multiple deposits – these are called reload bonuses.
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Signing Bonus

A Signing Bonus pays out a bonus when you log on and is therefore beneficial for returning players. It is common for casinos to send out information about new games or new casino updates and if you’re lucky, you can get a login bonus when you decide to visit the casino to check them out.
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Wagering requirements on casino bonuses

Wagering requirements

In order to make a potential profit in an online casino, the player must meet something called the wagering requirement. If you have not received any bonuses and have only used your own money, there is no wagering requirement. However wagering requirements apply to all bonus money (bar one or two exceptions).

Revenue requirements for casino bonuses vary widely between different casinos. Usually, the wagering limit can vary between 25 and 50 times the bonus amount. That is, if a bonus is €100 and the wagering requirement is 25 times, you as a player need to trade in €2500 at the casino before you can withdraw the money. In simple words, you must play for €2500 on the casino gambling site.

Since the wagering requirements vary so much between different casinos, it is important to read the rules for your particular casino. Some games also carry differing wagering requirements. Roulette and slot machines often have different requirements, as the turnover must account for different odds. Most casinos make their wagering requirements easily visible and in plain English, so it should not be hard to locate them. If you have a casino bonus you want to play with, you can find great jackpot games on the casino jackpot page.

Free Spins Bonus

Free Spins can sometimes be offered at the various casino sites. The player will receive a number of free spins on selected slot machines. A win on the spin, gives real money. This is common in casinos when new machines are released. In order to get their customers to try the new games, they offer free spins, which are limited to a few days. So if you see an online casino who has a free spins bonus, it should not take a long time to quickly log on and claim the bonus. Free Spins are also a regular casino bonus which a player can get during a game with the slots.

Promotional Codes

Sometimes online casinos offer promotion codes (or bonus codes) that are distributed to new customers or already registered players. These promotional bonuses often give you free rounds or bonus cash to play with. The codes are often given out in newsletters or other promotional material. Usually, these promotional codes are unique and can only be used once. It should always state whether the codes are unique, or if they can be used by everyone for some time.

It has become popular, in recent times, to send out promotional codes via SMS to mobile phones. So far, it is mainly already registered players who have given their mobile numbers to the casino who tend to be contacted, though some casinos may send unsolicited text messages to draw new customers to their sites.
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