Your Guide to American Roulette at Mobile Casinos

American Roulette
Unlike French Roulette, American Roulette is played with a wheel with 38 numbers – the French roulette only has 37. The extra number is an additional zero, the so-called double zero. The house edge in American roulette is 1 / 19 or 5.26%. In the 1800s, when roulette became popular in the United States, the roulette table didn’t include any zeros. As time passed the casino owners saw the opportunity to make more money with this game, and thus they added an extra zero to roulette wheel. The new number decreased the players’ odds of winning by one, from 1 in 36, to 1 in 37. After some time, another zero was added to increase the house’s chances of winning even more. This new type of roulette was given the name American Roulette. The rules are the same for both French and American roulette, which makes it easy to play if you already know the roulette rules.

American Roulette Rules

Roulette is a table game, and the players place their bets on the roulette table. A player can place his bets on different numbers, number groups or on colors. American Roulette is played using the roulette wheel; it has the numbers 1-36 in the colors red and black, and there are two additional slots for zero and double zero that are both green. The croupier who is managing the game starts the game by taking the bets, he or she then spins the wheel and rolls the ball in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The ball spins around until it falls down into one of the numbered slots. This is the winning number. If a player has placed his bets on that number, the color, or if the number is included in the player’s specific number group, the player wins. The winnings depend on the bet size and the odds of the different slots. To learn more about the odds in roulette, click here!.

American Roulette Strategy

Winning in American Roulette is really just a matter of luck, since a beginner has the same odds of winning as an experienced casino player. Many tips and game systems are available online, but basically they are useless. The best strategy is simply to learn how to play, have fun and enjoy yourself. To learn how to play roulette without having to invest money, you can try it out here! Your best bet is to try out the tables where they are playing French Roulette, rather than the American Roulette, simply because the odds of winning are higher. Play French Roulette.

History of Roulette

Roulette was invented by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal in the 1650s. Roulette quickly gained popularity, and by the mid-1700s the game was played in many game lounges and clubs, despite of the fact that roulette was prohibited during at time. Roulette was made legal in the 1800s.

The founders of the modern day roulette were French as well. The two brothers named Louis and Francois Blanc invented the roulette with a new additional number, namely the zero. The two brothers were also the founders of the first casino in Monte Carlo, which still is known for its numerous casinos.

Roulette was first introduced in the US in the 1800s. The American casinos and gaming clubs were no too thrilled with the house’s bad odds for the house compared to the players, and their solution was adding an additional zero, known as the double zero. This is how the American Roulette was invented.

Try American Roulette

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