Best Mobile Deposit Bonuses

Deposit Bonus
Deposit Bonus is a really good casino bonus which is very common in Swedish online casinos. After you have registered at an online casino you are offered a deposit bonus so that you eventually will start playing for real money.
A deposit bonus is a very good bonus for players who want to play for real money and have the chance to win real prizes. So if you have tried out an online casino that you like, you should look for the casino deposit bonuses when you want to make a deposit and start playing for real.

Online casinos with the best deposit bonuses

How does the deposit bonus work?

Usually, online casinos go out with offers similar to 100% deposit bonus up to 500 sek. What is implied is that the casino will deposit the same amount, ie 100% of the amount that you deposit at the casino. So, if you deposit $ 100, the casino will give you $ 100 extra deposited into your account. So, after your own deposit and the casinos deposit bonus, you will have 200 dollars to play for in the casino.
Usually, the casino has a cap for how much money you can get as a deposit bonus. This is what the casino mean by writing “up to 500 crowns”. So if, instead, you insert 600 crowns the casino will not give 600 in deposit bonus, but $ 500. Therefore it is important to see which deposit bonus is applicable before you make a deposit so you can calculate how much you deposit and how much money you have in your account after your deposition.

Deposit bonus on first deposit

A deposit bonus of 100% is quite costly to provide for an online casino. Therefore, it is usually only with the first deposit that you can gain 100% in deposit bonus. Afterwards you will perhaps only get a deposit bonus of 50%. But even 50% in deposit bonus is really good because it means that the casino will deposit SEK 250 extra onto your account if you make a deposit of SEK 500.
So also keep an eye out for how large the deposit bonus is after your first deposit. Many Swedish online casinos have quite often special offers where they give a deposit bonus to all players regardless of how many deposits they have done. This is generally associated with loyalty programs or to celebrate something.

Revenue Requirements for a Deposit Bonus

In order to take out any profits that have been gained after a deposit bonus the player must first meet something called the rollover requirement. If you have not received any bonuses, but have only used your own money there is no rollover requirement, but it applies to profits gained with bonus money. Revenue requirements for casino bonuses vary widely between different casinos, usually the wagering limit may vary between 25 and 50 times the bonus amount. That is, if a bonus is $ 100 and the wagering requirement is 25 times you, as a player, need to have revenued SEK 250 in the casino before you can withdraw the money. Revenued meaning that you should have played for SEK 250 in the casino.
Since the turnover requirements vary so much between different casinos it’s important to read the rules for your particular casino.