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Video Poker
Video Poker is a hybrid between regular five card poker and video slot machines. Your goal is to create the best five card hand, just as in poker, and you play against a predetermined payment schedule, just as in the video slot machines. The better your hand is, the more money you win.
Video Poker has quickly become a popular casino game, and entertains many players both in online casinos and in restaurants. It’s a fun game with simple rules that anyone can learn. If you know the poker rules, you also know how to play video poker. Several video poker games also offer games using multiple hands simultaneously, and sometimes you can actually play with up to 100 hands at the same time, making the game even more exciting.

Online casinos offering video poker

Video Poker History

Video poker was introduced in Las Vegas in the early 1970s. These machines were not very popular at first, but that changed when draw poker was introduced 1979th When did it really gets going, and video poker has been a big hit ever since. The machines are still very popular at casinos in Las Vegas.

Different videopokrar

There are several different variations of video poker that differ in the rules and odds. Here is a list of the most common.

Jacks or Better – Perhaps the most classic video poker. You open with a pair of jacks or better. Optimal strategy provides a payback of 99.5%.

Deuces Wild – It requires at least three of a kind or better to win. Card two (Deuces) is a wildcard and works as any card. This makes it possible to get five of a kind. Optimal strategy provides a payback of 100.7%.

Tens or Better – Here, you must have at least a pair of tens or better to open. Optimal strategy provides a payback of around 99%.

Joker Wild / Ace King – At least one pair of kings outcome of profit. The Joker is a “wild” cards and can be counted as any other card at any time. Optimal strategy provides a payback of 100.6%.

Dividends on video poker

Some variations of video poker has a payout of over 100% if you play with a perfect strategy, and most casinos offer video poker can be played with positive odds if you can simultaneously benefit from a welcome bonus or any other type of benefit. But if you’re going to be a winning player in video poker you have to learn the correct strategy for each game type.

Pay Table for Jacks or Better

Here is a list of regular payments on the classic video poker Jacks or Better.

HandEarnings Table
Royal Flushx250
Straight Flushx50
Four of a Kindx25
Full Housex9
Three of a Kindx3
Two Pairx2
Jacks or Betterx1

What ranks a video poker hand

Below you see how the various poker hands are valued at video poker. The best hand at the top left.
Video Poker Hand

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