Your Guide to Playing Strategic Blackjack at Mobile Casinos

Strategic Black Jack
Strategic Black Jack is the common name of Single Deck Black Jack. It’s called strategic because of the great opportunity to get the odds on your side because it only uses a deck of cards. In an ordinary Classic Black Jack 4-5 decks are used. This means that overall there are a hundred cards to keep track of when counting cards and trying to predict future cards. But in the Strategic Black Jack, only one deck of cards are used, hence the name Single Deck Black Jack. This provides excellent conditions for counting cards!

System of counting cards

There are several systems and strategies to count cards in Black Jack. The most common is to separate the aces, cards with value 10 (king, queen, jack and 10’s) and other cards (2 to 9). So instead of keeping track of exactly which cards have been delt you keep track of whether there is a greater chance of an ace, ram or other cards to come up.
These systems are usually used by players on land-based casinos with an ordinary dealer. It is important to quickly calculate a rough estimation of what cards are left as the game goes much faster and it is usually not appreciated if you can tell that players count cards. But since Strategic Black Jack is played online, it gives the player a much better ability to count cards and try to keep track of the expiry of a Black Jack game. You simply can not be thrown out or turned off because you are counting cards.

How can I use this?

Strategic Black Jack gives the player an advantage as it is relatively easy to count cards and therefore to predict what cards are left in the deck. Because you know what cards have been distributed you know what cards are left. Based on this, you can make a more strategic choice whether to stay on the cards you have or take another card. This way you can improve your odds of winning and play more strategic Black Jack than possible in the Classic Black Jack. If you are good you can reach more than a 99% chance of winning. Unfortunately you can not get over 100% as the casino would not win in the long run. But if you like to play Black Jack and want to get the most out of your game and your winnings, you should of course play on the strategic Black Jack.

Strategic Play Black Jack

Unfortunately, not many online casinos have the Strategic Black Jack (Single Deck Black Jack) in its range. In the list below you will find, however, the casinos that offer Single Deck Black Jack. You can find the game in the submenus Table games or Black Jack.