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French Roulette
French roulette is the most favorable of all types of roulette as it contains only one zero. This means that the odds of winning increases compared to classic American roulette. If you play on red or black on a french roulette the casino has only one advantage of 1.3514%. The rules are the same for French roulette as for the American roulette, which makes it easy to play if you already know the roulette rules. It may seem like Roulette needs no further introduction as you”only” have to choose a number and wait to get lucky. But it can still be of importance to gain better knowledge about the game. For example, what different types of bets you can make, game variations and where to get the best rewards and bonuses if you want to play roulette at an online casino.

French Roulette Rules

Roulette is a table game and it is on the roulette table all players place their bets. A player can bet their money on different numbers and groups of numbers. French Roulette is then played using a wheel with slots, numbered from 1-36, in red and black, plus a green zero. The dealer starts the game by launching a ball in the opposite direction of the wheel rotation. The ball spins until it looses speed and falls down into one of the numbered slots. The number of the slot that the ball lands in is the winning number. If a player has placed a bet on that number or the number in one of the numbergroups betted on a win is awarded.
The amount depends on how the player has bet his money. Learn more about roulette odds.

French Roulette Strategy

Success in French roulette is really just a matter of luck and a beginner has the same odds of winning as an experienced casino player. There are lots of roulette tips and gambling systems available on the Internet, but basically they are useless. Just learn how to play and have fun, it’s the best strategy. You can control how much you bet and how big the profit will be by playing on individual numbers or number combinations. But the odds of winning are still the same. The best way to learn is to sample play casino and thus learn the game without having to invest any money.

Try out French Roulette

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