Play High Roller Roulette at Mobile Casinos

High Roller Roulette
High Roller Roulette is available for high rollers who like to play with higher stakes than regular players. On the High Rollers roulette tables, the input limits and maximum limits are much higher than at the usual roulette tables. Often this is highlighted by having the table games marked with High Limit or High Stakes. The games can also be more exclusive and offer additional features such as Re-Bet to quickly start a new game. If you usually play higher than the regular player when you play at an online casino, it might be sensible to read up on the offers that online casinos have specifically for High Rollers.

High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos have to be very reliable in terms of how they handle deposits, withdrawals, gaming tables, and customer service. These casinos are committed to their High Roller customers and often offer them unique bonuses and promotions. Many high roller online casinos even have Loyalty or VIP programs to offer their players a reward for playing with high stakes. Maximum bets on card and board games are also much higher in high roller casinos than at other casinos, and they often have really big progressive jackpots on their slot machines.
Today there are a number of online casinos that offer live casino with gaming tables for High Rollers. For those players who like to play with high stakes at casinos but who find playing at online casinos too impersonal, Live Casinos are a good middle ground. Here you can play against real live dealers who are filmed in real time and displayed on your screen.

High game limits

Playing on a High Roller Roulette is not so different from playing on a standard roulette. The big difference is that the game limits are much higher and you can often make Re-Bets to quickly start a new game with the same wagers. The odds are the same but the distribution is of course much higher. But so is also the inputs. The high roller casinos are recommended for online gamers who have a gambling budget that exceeds the ordinary hobby player, and who likes higher risk and higher profits.

Play without bonus

Most online casinos offer some kind of bonus, which we have described in our bonus list. For most types of players, getting a bonus is a good thing. But for high-rollers who play with very high stakes, bonuses are not as beneficial. This is because a bonus often comes with a wagering requirement, which means that the bonus must be wagered a certain number of times before the bonus can be collected in real money. For a High-Roller who makes big deposits, it will mean that he or she must wager a very large sum before they can make a withdrawal. Therefore, high rollers mostly look for casinos that offer roulette without bonuses.

Play High Roller Roulette

Below we list the casinos and roulette games which have higher maximum bets and that target high rollers:

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