Great Guide to High Roller Blackjack at Top Mobile Casinos

High Roller Black Jack
High Roller Black Jack is for players who like to play hard, with high stakes and big wins. Most online casinos have maximum limits on how much money their players can bet at every hand in Black Jack. These maximum limits are typically a few hundred dollars up to perhaps a thousand dollars. For most players, the maximum amount are not limiting their game but for the small percentage of players who can afford it and who likes to play with high stakes in Black Jack, there are special High Roller tables. On these tables the maximum limits are much higher than on the normal blackjack tables. If you want to play high on Swedish online casinos you can find Black Jack tables which has inserts up to € 3,000 per spin.

Play high stakes

A few years ago it was not so common in Sweden with High Rollers, but lately it has started to become more and more common for players to bet higher than usual. If you like playing with high stakes then you should look for online casinos that offer High Roller Black Jack. Usually these online casinos show that they offer “high staking” games on the home page. Otherwise you will always see the betting limits that apply at the casino tables, when you decide to start a game. For example, an online casino can offer a game called Black Jack € 50 – € 3000. This means that the minimum bet you can make at that Black Jack table is € 50 and the maximum limit is € 3 000. So in this particular game, you could put out chips for a total value of approximately SEK 30 000 on each spin.

What distinguishes a High Roller Casino from a standard?

What distinguishes a casino that offers games for High Rollers is that they often offer special VIP program to take care of their great players. There are only selected players who are offered membership in the VIP program. But for those who may become members so often offered very exclusive deals with travel, hotel stays and concerts. But as I said, it is only selected players may become a VIP player and may take advantage of these free offers.

Play High Roller Black Jack

Casinos with tables for High Rollers are far more common abroad than in Sweden. The few Swedish online casinos offering blackjack for real high rollers, are listed below with their current offerings:

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