Play Mobile Video Poker for Free

Video Poker is a simple and fun card game that is popular in online casinos. You play with regular playing cards at a gaming machine and you have to get a good poker hand. If you have not tried to play you can now play video poker for free here at the Mobile Casino Service. Want to read more about the rules and instructions for the video poker you can do it on this page. The game below is perhaps the best video poker available at online casinos, namely Deuces Wild. To hold a special card after the initial deal, click on the card and then thePULL-button.

Online casino offering Video Poker

How do the Wild Cards work when playing video poker?

Wild cards are a function that some vide pokers have. Most common is that the jokers or the twos are so-called Wild Cards. This means that if you get a Wild Card to your 5 other cards you can expect it to be the most advantageous card. For example if you have a poker hand with three aces, a king and a two, then the two will be counted as an ace and you are suddenly the owner of a set of aces. This is a nice feature that adds extra excitement and makes profits larger.

It is also common that there is a Gamblefunction where you can play double or nothing if you’ve won on a hand.
A fun and exciting way to quickly double the profits!

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