The Mega Fortune slot machine is all about luxury and money and, if you somehow missed that part of the slot’s design, it’ll become apparent when you spot the game’s huge jackpot. The jackpot total changes constantly, of course, but previous wins have frequently exceeded €2 million. One lucky player in November of 2015 even managed to scoop a staggering €8.6 million!

The jackpot is progressive, which means that it grows every day until it is paid out to a lucky winner, and you have the chance of winning the Jackpot if you reach the bonus game. Once you’ve reached the bonus game you spin the “Wheel of Fortune”, which consists of three wheels. On the first one you can win either money or the chance to play on the next wheel. On wheel number two you can win the Rapid Jackpot, coins or you can advance to the third wheel. On the third wheel, you can win the Major Jackpot, coins or the giant Mega Jackpot! In addition to the amazing Jackpot you will find features such as Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins contained within NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot.
The layout of the Mega Fortune is very stylish, with a clean design and pleasing colours. The music and sound effects fit perfectly in the glamorous environment. All in all, Mega Fortune is a great slot machine that has everything you could ever ask for! (and might just change your life).


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