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Betsson Live Casino (Evolution Gaming)

Evolution Gaming, the company behind the majority of all live casinos existing today, produces Betsson Live Casino. The games are very smart and intuitive. Without having almost any experience of Live Casinos it did not take many minutes before we had chosen a table, sat down and placed our first bet.

The stakes are relatively high, with special VIP tables addressed to the High Rollers i.e. big players placing up to € 50 000 per spin at the Roulette. But for us casual players inputs start at 1 cent at the Roulette.
Betsson offers three different Live games: Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. All games open up in a new window and can thus be enlarged to full screen if you want a larger picture.

Betsson has the Roulette in a French and an American version. There is also an Auto-Roulette that spins every 45 seconds, giving the game a good speed. According to Betsson this is the fastest live roulette game. For all players that are into statistics, stats are shown for all games giving you the last ten numbers played.

The stakes at different Roulette tables varies between 1 cent up to €50 000. At each table you will see the name of the players currently sitting there as well as the dealer who currently handles the wheel. All games can be chosen in two different views, 3D and classic. The classic view gives a better overview and picture of the Roulette wheel and is the one we like the most.

Betsson Live Black Jack has a large variety of different tables.
Also here the different stake levels are shown as well as the dealer currently managing the table.
The minimum stake starts at €5 per spin and the maximum is € 5 000.
Black Jack can be played in 3D view and a classic view. We prefer the 3D view as you can see the table. You can easily see the cards and stakes placed on the table both on the cards and in a small window in the corner that shows your total amount and your balance.

Finally, there are 2 Baccarat tables at Betsson Live Casino. Stakes at these tables ranges from € 1 and € 2 000. At each table the current dealer, game history and the players playing at the moment are shown.

Available settings at Betsson Live Casino are full screen, picture quality and if you want to hide or view the live chat. You are also able to see the game history of your last games giving you a good overview of how your games have been.

NordicBet (Microgaming)

NordicBet Live Casino comes from Microgaming, and hence differs a lot from Betsson Live Casino. The stakes are much lower on NordicBets and so the games do not target the big players in the same way as Betsson does.

Menus to select games and tables are not as neet as at Betsson. The interface for playing is also a bit difficult to understand but after a few rounds you will understand how everything works.

NordicBet has two roulette tables where each table can accommodate seven players. The tables have different levels of stakes shown in Euro. The stakes range from € 0.50 up to € 25.

As we test play, there’s only one Black Jack table. But we’re pretty sure that the number of tables will increase if more players come. Behind betting is available at NordicBets Black Jack; something many tend to appreciate. Stakes vary between € 25 and € 300.

NordicBet also offers Baccarat as Live game. We found two tables with stakes between € 10 and € 500.

All tables on NordicBet Live Casino may be viewed from two different angles according to your preference. In each view, you have your own view of the gaming tables where you place your bets. But in order for you to see what the other players place, a small table is shown in one corner. In the opposite corner statistics with previous results are shown.

Other settings that you can choose to turn off or on are music, sound effects and background noise. As for the video, you can choose image quality and if the video should be shown in full screen. There are also more advanced settings; whether the chips should remain at the table after a win, and which view games should be started in by default.

Summary of Live Casino

After having tried these two live casinos, we can truly say that this is the new way to play online. The personal welcome together with the background noise of a land-based casino creates a very comfortable feeling. The fact that you don´t have to leave your living room to experience this is a big plus!
The only negative we could say about Live Casino is that you cannot trial play with fake money as you can in an Online Casino where you play against a computer. But you can always log in and monitor a table without playing. The only requirement is that you have a registered account.

If we are to choose a winner among these two Live Casinos first prize goes to Betsson. Their casino is a bit nicer and games flow a little better with shorter load times. But surely alot will happen in this area and of course we will follow up with tests of new Live Casinos and Live Casino Games. So good luck with your Live Gambling!